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Jenkins User Conference 2013 Palo Alto Wrap-up

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
December 4, 2013

It’s been a month now, but I realized that I’ve never posted a wrap-up post of JUC 2013. So in the spirit of "better later than, never", here it goes.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who came. More than 400 of you came, and another 600 signed up for live streaming of events (and I know some people watched those live streams past midnight in their local time zone!). I did my part in signing bobble heads and answering questions, and I was able to finally put faces to some of the people who I actively interact in the community but never met before.

I tried to take as many pictures as I can, and Lisa and Alyssa had posted their pictures as well. If you have your pictures, please share it with us! My favorite is Jenkins cupcake:

+ image +

Alyssa said she’s got a lot of feedbacks from folks, and she’s already planning for the next year — if you are interested in sharing your thoughts on how to better do this next year, we’ve put it up for the next week’s Jenkins project meeting agenda to talk about how to do it.

Finally, everything in the San Francisco Bay Area is incredibly costly, and events like this was really only made possible by generous sponsors, and we really want to make them happy so that they can help us make this event happen next year as well. So I thought the least I can do is to give them a spotlight and talk about who they are and what they do:


Platinum Sponsor


CloudBees is the lead organizer for JUC and offers Jenkins in whatever
form you wish to use it - on-premises or in the cloud. Check out the many
resources available on the CloudBees website for Jenkins fans - whether
you use open source Jenkins, Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees or Jenkins in the cloud.




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Appvance delivers technology and services to prove and improve
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Have questions on SDLC tools or agile process (especially Jenkins
Enterprise, CI or CD)? Leverage our 25 years of expertise for assistance
with CloudBees, Xebia Labs, Sonatype, JFrog, Atlassian, SVN, Git,
Rational, Microsoft TFS and many more. Visit to learn more..[image]

As the largest independent video advertising platform, BrightRoll powers
digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands. Jenkins has
become a core piece of our productivity tech stack here at BrightRoll,
and its importance is increasing. During the time that we’ve used it
we’ve seen a huge benefit to participating in the Jenkins community,
getting support from core contributors and plugin authors, and we try to
contribute back whenever we can.[image]

The Jenkins User Conference is the only place you can actually feel the
Jenkins community and understand that being part of it is not just a
commitment, it is a privilege we are honored to share. Learn more about
JFrog, our Artifactory Binary Repository solution, and our new Bintray social platform for sharing, publishing and managing binaries.[image]

LMIT Software is now GerritForge, the leader in Agile coaching and
Development Management. We are active contributors of Jenkins (see and Gerrit Code Review and we can enable their adoption and integration into the Enterprise Continuous Delivery chain.[image]

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With  CloudBees DEV@cloud (Jenkins in the cloud) or Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees, you can instantly connect to XebiaLabs Deployit (a fully automated deployment solution) and immediately begin reaping 
the benefits of delivering continuously. Missed Andrew Phillips' JUC presentation, Preparing for Enterprise Continuous Delivery: 5 Critical Steps? View the slides here.[image]

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