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Continuous Information - Jenkins Newsletter vol. 4

Lisa Wells
May 17, 2013

Volume 4 of Continuous Information came out last night. It contains insights and highlights from founder Kohsuke, the latest growth stats, upcoming event info, Jenkins resources, and more.

  • Jenkins has nearly 20,000 more active installations than it had last June, up from 43,500 to more than 61,000

  • Nearly 100 plugins have been added since late last Fall when we did the last Jenkins survey. Now there are more than 730 plugins

  • Bay Area JUC (Oct 23), JUC Israel (Jun 6) and several other Jenkins events around the world have open registration

  • Latest, greatest Jenkins improvements include a new LTS based on 1.509, more context menu improvements, and controller/agent data transfer performance improvement

  • There’s also a Security advisory out recommending upgrade to at least 1.502

  • A plethora of Jenkins and Continuous Delivery resources

And if you have content to feature in a future newsletter, please email us.

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