As you might have noticed Jenkins finally has a brand spankin' new logo! Over the past couple weeks we've run two series of votes, one for the initial 11 logo submissions and then a final, run-off election, for the two most popular choices. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that submitted logos! It is incredibly flattering to have so many people passionate about the project and willing to spend the time creating new art for us.

Runoff election pie chart

At the end of the votes, there was a clear winner though, everybody seems to really love the submission by the folks over at The FrontSide which you can see adorning this very page.

If you'd like to download the SVG version of the logo, or the variants in different sizes, I've gone ahead and uploaded a tarball and all the variants to this directory, there is also a good color palette here (obligatory PDF warning).

Once again, thank you to everybody that participated!

About the Author
R. Tyler Croy

R. Tyler Croy has been part of the Jenkins project for the past seven years. While avoiding contributing any Java code, Tyler is involved in many of the other aspects of the project which keep it running, such as this website, infrastructure, governance, etc.