Google Season of Docs Ideas

Google Season of Docs

The Google Season of Docs (GSoD) program brings together open source and technical writers communities for the benefit of both. The program raises awareness of open source, of docs, and of technical writing. GSoD in Jenkins is organized by the Documentation special interest group.

Project ideas

We invite technical writers to contribute to a major documentation update effort being coordinated in the Documentation SIG. It includes a number of ongoing projects. Technical writers are welcome to make their proposals in any area of the Jenkins documentation. We encourage proposals based on a technical writer’s expertise and interests.

Project idea Keywords Description and links

Document Jenkins on Kubernetes

AsciiDoc, Guide, Compilation, Kubernetes

Jenkins on Kubernetes is a popular theme for Jenkins users. There were a lot of presentations and articles about running Jenkins on Kubernetes, but we need to expand the documentation describing Jenkins on Kubernetes. We would like to create documentation that describes the concepts, techniques, and choices for Kubernetes users running Jenkins. See the 2020 project Document Jenkins on Kubernetes for work areas and topics. More Info

Create new solution pages for Jenkins use-cases

AsciiDoc, Guide

Jenkins project has several solution pages for various use-cases. We invite technical writers to create new solution pages for various use-cases (e.g. Documentation as code, Continuous Deployment, Static Analysis) or technologies (Git, GitLab, Kubernetes, etc.). Existing pages were created several years ago, and they could also be updated. There are a lot of materials available on the web, but having dedicated solution pages could help users to discover such materials. More info

Plugin documentation migration and update

Markdown, GitHub, Plugins, Rewrite, Copy-editing

Currently we are migrating our plugin documentation from Jenkins Wiki to GitHub, see this blog post for announcement. We have already moved hundreds of pages, but there are hundreds of pages remaining. Migration itself can be done with automated tools we provide, but the documentation usually needs a significant update due to new features. We invite technical writers to select an area (e.g. "plugins for Docker"), and work closely with plugin maintainers to migrate and update documentation in such an area. More Info

Jenkins user documentation reorganization and update

AsciiDoc, Guide, Rewrite

Jenkins user topics are included in the current Jenkins Handbook, and are frequently received to improve the user documentation. Common improvement themes include adding pipeline examples with each of the pipeline steps and additional tutorials for new users. The main aim of this project would be to restructure content to make it more discoverable and easy to read. More info