Jenkins Operator

The Jenkins Operator is a Kubernetes Native Operator which manages operations for Jenkins on Kubernetes. It has been built with Immutability and declarative Configuration as Code in mind.

Project Vision

With Jenkins Operator project we want to enable community to run Jenkins in cloud-native environments like Kubernetes. Also, support most of the public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) in terms of additional capabilities like backups, observability and cloud security.

With declarative configuration and full lifecycle management based on the Operator Framework this can become the de facto standard for running Jenkins on top of Kubernetes.

Notable Features

Getting started


Any contributions to both codebase and documentation are more than welcome. See Contribution Model for more details. Also see this page for information about the project chat and regular meetings.

Roadmap and Future Plans

This document outlines the vision and technical roadmap for jenkinsci/kubernetes-operator project.