Enhancing an Existing LLM Model with Domain-specific Jenkins Knowledge

Project goal: To develop an app using an existing open-source LLM model with data collected for domain-specific Jenkins knowledge one can fine-tune locally and set up with a proper UI for the user to interact with

Skills to study/improve: Python, React.js, LLM, AI/ML, Jenkins, Ollama, LangChain, UI



This full-stack project focuses on a proof-of-concept (PoC) idea to fine-tune an existing open-source LLM model (such as Llama 2) with domain-specific Jenkins data to be compiled, wrangled, and processed by the contributor as a part of an AI-driven application, to develop a minimalistic UI for the user to interact with the LLM as a complete end-to-end product. This product is to be installed and run locally on the user’s laptop, with tools such as Ollama for setting up and running LLMs locally, and LangChain to be used as a framework to construct the LLM-powered app. The contributor will get to be involved in every step of the application development process, from data collection, wrangling, and processing to fine-tuning the model and developing the UI. They may also get exposed to how to package software to be distributed as a standalone application to be consumed by the end user.

Project Size

This project is of medium size and is expected to be completed in ~175 hours.

Project Difficulty

Intermediate to Advanced

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