Role Strategy Plugin: user experience

Project goal: Improve UI and REST APIs using new technologies to make it more user-friendly

Skills to study/improve: Java, JavaScript, REST/GraphQL


Role Strategy Plugin is widely used in Jenkins as an authorization engine, but it has a pretty legacy Web UI which could be significantly improved. The plugin’s existing APIs are also very limited, and they could be redesigned.


  • Redesign the WebUI using a new technology stack, e.g. React

  • Introduce new REST APIs and CLIs to improve manageability of the plugin

  • Introduce new logic to query permissions from Jenkins instances, probably as a part of the Security Inspector Plugin

  • Offer new features, e.g. the sudo mode for Jenkins administrators

  • Create more demos for the plugin using Configuration-as-Code and other such technologies

You can find more UX-related requests for the plugin using this JIRA query. As a part of the project applications, ideas for related plugins (e.g. Security Inspector or Ownership) may be also proposed.


  1. Create a Jenkins instance with several projects and user roles defined by the plugin

  2. Try out various configurations of Role Strategy and explore the features documented for the plugin

  3. Provide feedback about your user experience in Gitter

Newbie-friendly tasks

See this JIRA query. More issues can be added to the list if needed, please do not hesitate to ask in the task.

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