Plugin(s) for Electronic Design Automation tools

Project goal: Create a new Jenkins plugin for one of widely used EDA tools

Skills to study/improve: Java, EDA Tools


The idea is to create a Jenkins plugin for one of widely used EDA tools. Both ASIC or FPGA design flow are acceptable, the tool should be proposed by the potential student. Open-source EDA tools would be preferable (e.g. Yosys, FuseSoC, ArachnePnR, icetools), but we also consider conditionally-free tools (like FPGA design EDAs).

Examples of tool integration:

  • Tool launch and publishing steps for Free-style and/or Pipeline jobs

  • Integration with Warnings Plugin for report parsing.

  • Reporting of FPGA resource utilization (per build + trends)

  • Timing report trend publishing

  • Integrating UVM reports into Jenkins build and project pages

Special requirements: In the case of FPGA tools integration, a prototyping board will be required.

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