Jenkins Governance Meeting

As per the Jenkins Governance Document, the community holds a regular governance meeting. This meeting is used to make decisions about the project: budget approvals, key decisions sign-off, voting on proposals if there is no consensus, etc. It is open for everyone to participate and vote. The topics are usually discussed in the developer mailing list ahead of the meeting, so contributors can share their feedback and cast votes asynchronously.

This meeting is rarely used for technical decisions, for that purpose we use the developer mailing list and Jenkins Enhancement Proposals. If a decision cannot be made at the governance meeting, the project’s governance board takes priority.

How to join the meetings?

The governance meeting commonly happens every four weeks on Mondays. The event calendar provides exact times and other details. We hold the meeting as a recorded video call. Links to the video call are also available in the Jenkins events calendar.

How to propose a topic?

  1. Start a discussion with your proposal in the developer mailing list

  2. Wait for initial feedback in the mailing list. If there is a strong consensus among community members and no formal approval needed, the mailing list thread might be enough.

  3. Suggest a change to the next meeting agenda.


The next governance meeting agenda is posted in a HackMD note. Everyone is welcome to add a topic for the upcoming meeting by suggesting a change in the mailing list or in the HackMD note.

Archived Meetings

Agendas, minutes, and other notes are archived in the Governance Meeting Archive 2011 - 2024.