Running Jenkins on Java 17

For simplicity, this document describes how to run the most recent version of Jenkins on Java 17.

Running Jenkins with Docker

The easiest way to run Jenkins on Java 17 is with a Docker image.

To use the latest weekly release of the Java 17 images, use the jdk17-preview tag. For other releases, append the -jdk17-preview tag to the version (for example, 2.339-jdk17-preview).

For example, this command starts Jenkins on Java 17 using the latest weekly release:

docker pull jenkins/jenkins:jdk17-preview
docker run --rm -ti \
  -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 \
  -v jenkins-home:/var/jenkins_home \

Running Jenkins with Java

As with Java 11, you can start Jenkins using the java command:

java -jar jenkins.war --enable-future-java

Discovering issues with Java 17

In March 2022, the community performed many exploratory tests to discover as many Java 17 issues as possible.

As a result, the community solved a lot of problems before announcing Java 17 support in Jenkins. However, it is still possible that some plugins have not been updated to support Java 17.

If you find a regression in a plugin, please file a bug report in Jira:

For security issues, please use the standard vulnerability reporting process.