Changelog for 2.277.1

  • security fix
  • major bug fix
  • bug fix
  • major enhancement
  • enhancement
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What's new in 2.277.1 (2021-03-10)

As described in the Major changes in the weekly release line blog post, this release improves key user interface components. Configuration user interfaces now use html div markup to present a better layout than the previous html table layout. Configuration pages are now easier to read, easier to understand, and work better on a wide range of screens. See the Jenkins issue tracker for a list of plugins known to have issues with the change.


As described in the Spring and XStream updates (breaking changes!) blog post, this release updates and replaces outdated internal components. The Acegi security library used for authentication has been replaced by Spring Security (JEP-227). See the Spring Security compatibility table for the latest plugin compatibility status. A fork of the XStream library used to read and write XML files has been replaced by the upstream version of XStream (JEP-228). See the XStream compatibility table for the latest plugin compatibility status.


Known IssuesIf your Jenkins instance was created before Jenkins 2.4 or 2.7.1 LTS, a Setup Wizard may appear on the startup after the upgrade. In such a case, a Jenkins admin may need to skip the plugin installation. See the upgrade guide for the detailed guidelines.
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