Claus Schneider

Started in 2000 for Nokia Mobile Phones as what you nowadays would call a DevOps Engineer. Throughout the years I work both on internal monolith platforms, Symbion and Android, but also in apps development teams. I had a year as a software developer in C and C++ on the internal platforms. I have done a lot of build scripts, make trace/debugging and merging, because I was the "build manager" and did the releases. After a few year we started to develop our own CI platform as a result of that in order to give feedback to developers. The platform was eventually replaced by Hudson/Jenkins. I have worked on several plugins like Pretested Intergration( by Praqma ) and LeapWork Test. I worked both in Denmark and China ( 3 years ) for Nokia, before I joined Praqma as DevOps consultant where I have focused on CI/CD with Jenkins, Git, Jira, Portfolio mgmt. As part this I help many companies out of old task and SCM system to these new technologies/platforms.

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