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Introducing Harsh Pratap Singh as the GSoC 2023 Contributor working on GitLab Plugin Modernization

Harsh Pratap Singh
Harsh Pratap Singh
May 18, 2023

Jenkins GSoC

This is Harsh Pratap Singh, an Open source enthusiast, who is currently in his freshman year exploring different technologies related to DevSecOps and Blockchain. I am curious and passionate about automation thus Jenkins is my goto Open Source organization for Google Summer of Code. This is my first time contributing to Open Source and I am already loving it. I am fortunate enough to get selected in Google Summer of Code 2023 and I am looking forward to a thrilling summer.

About the Project

I will be working on GitLab Plugin Modernization project which primarily aims to replace the use of old RESTEasy with modern GitLab4J-API library via the GitLab API Jenkins library plugin. After this migration, the Jenkins Community will experience improved performance, better maintenance and support, and increased functionality and flexibility in the Gitlab-Plugin. I am optimistic and excited to collaborate with the Jenkins community and learn from the experienced mentors and community members for successful completion of the Project.

For more details related to the project, you can refer to the Project Page.


I want to express by gratitude towards my mentors and org admins for their constant guidance and support. I sincerely hope that I will be able to help Jenkins community prosper with my contributions and create a positive impact.

Please feel free to reach out through gitter or community channels for fruitful discussions.

Looking forward to a great Summer!

About the author

Harsh Pratap Singh

Harsh Pratap Singh

Harsh is currently an undergrad at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, whose interests lies in rapidly evolving Computer Science fields like Linux Performance, DevOps, GenAI and more. He is an avid open-source contributor and is inspired by the idea of developing useful open-source software for the masses to use. Other than software development, his interest lies in economics, philosophy, and psychology. He was a Jenkins Google Summer of Code (GSoC) contributor in 2023, participating in the GitLab Plugin Modernization project. He started his journey of contributing to Jenkins in February 2023 and got hooked since. He is also a maintainer of GitLab Plugin.