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Jira for the Jenkins project

Mark Waite
Mark Waite
March 9, 2023

The Jenkins project has used Jira Software for issue tracking since 2005. Jira has been our issue and enhancement tracking system for almost as long as Jenkins core has existed. Jenkins core and most Jenkins plugins track issues and enhancements through a Jira instance hosted for the Jenkins project by the Linux Foundation.

Atlassian sponsors Jenkins

We’re pleased to announce that Atlassian has agreed to continue sponsoring the Jenkins project with a license to use Jira. We’re deeply grateful to Atlassian for their support of open source software and especially for their support of the Jenkins project. We extend our thanks to the Linux Foundation as well for their continued hosting of Jira for the Jenkins project.

Upgrade schedule

As part of the sponsorship, the Linux Foundation will need to update Jira and restart it. The upgrade will happen beginning at midnight, Saturday March 11, 2023 UTC (4:00 PM Seattle time on Friday March 10, 2023). The system may be down for as much as 30 minutes.

Jenkins and Jira by the numbers

The Jenkins project Jira installation includes over 70,000 issues collected over the course of 18 years. Some examples of the breadth and depth in the issue tracker include:

We thank Atlassian for their donation to the Jenkins project.

About the author

Mark Waite

Mark Waite

Mark is a member of the Jenkins governing board, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, a core maintainer, and maintainer of the git plugin, the git client plugin, the platform labeler plugin, the embeddable build status plugin, and several others. He is one of the authors of the "Improve a plugin" tutorial.