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Jenkins Sponsor Appreciation

Kevin Martens
Kevin Martens
November 24, 2022

The Jenkins project would like to take a moment and share deep gratitude to our sponsors. Sponsorship of the Jenkins project is key to the maintenance and development of Jenkins. There are different ways in which our sponsor organizations support the Jenkins project, such as infrastructure, necessary development tools, funding, and providing mirrors to connect Jenkins to the community.

For supporting Jenkins distribution, build, test, and deployment infrastructure, we would like to thank JFrog, AWS, Oracle, DigitalOcean, Datadog, Docker, PagerDuty, Fastly, GitHub and OSU Open Source Labs.

JFrog      AWS      Oracle      DigitalOcean      OSU Open Source Labs      Datadog      Docker      PagerDuty      Fastly     

We also want to recognize and thank GitHub, JFrog, Atlassian, Linux Foundation, Netlify, and 1Password for providing tools to track Jenkins development.

GitHub      JFrog      Atlassian      1Password      Netlify      Linux Foundation     

Massive thanks to Algolia for providing site search for the primary Jenkins documentation and plugins sites.


We also want to share deep gratitude for operational funding from CD Foundation, CloudBees, AWS, and DigitalOcean. Without funding, the community would have less opportunities to work on and develop Jenkins.

CD Foundation      CloudBees      AWS      DigitalOcean     

Finally, we want to thank the various organizations that host mirrors for Jenkins worldwide distribution. Thank you to OSU Open Source Labs, XMission, Tsinghua University, Yamagata University, Gruenehoelle NL, Belgian Education and Research Network, and RWTH Aachen University.

2022 has been a fantastic year for the Jenkins project, and it would not be possible without all of the support from our sponsors and community!

About the author

Kevin Martens

Kevin Martens

Kevin Martens is part of the CloudBees Documentation team, helping with Jenkins documentation creation and maintenance.