DigitalOcean sponsors the Jenkins project

The Jenkins infrastructure team has extended the reach of the agents. We’re grateful that DigitalOcean has donated $2760 to the Jenkins project. The donation has allowed us to run jobs from on an additional cluster hosted by DigitalOcean.

Easy setup

We defined a new Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean with the DigitalOcean Terraform provider. The infrastructure is defined as code in our DigitalOcean infrastructure repository.

Resource management

The DigitalOcean user interface makes it easy to see our progress applying the DigitalOcean donation to continuous integration jobs for the Jenkins project.

We track our budget and our droplets from easy to use web pages that are part of the DigitalOcean platform.

Automated cluster upgrades

The DigitalOcean managed Kubernetes cluster provides automated upgrades. Upgrades happen weekly and keep the infrastructure current with the latest capabilities.

Smooth autoscaling

We’ve seen smooth and effective resource allocation and deallocation on DigitalOcean as the load increases and decreases.

DigitalOcean tutorials for Jenkins

Step by step DigitalOcean installation instructions are available from the "How to install Jenkins" tutorials on the DigitalOcean community site.

About the Authors
Mark Waite

Mark is the Jenkins Documentation Officer, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, and maintains the git plugin and the git client plugin. He is active in Jenkins special interest groups including the Docs SIG, Platform SIG, and Advocacy SIG.

Hervé Le Meur

Hervé is a site reliability engineer working on the Jenkins project infrastructure.