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“Jenkins Contributors Awarded Top Honors at DevOps World 2020”

Alyssa Tong
Alyssa Tong
December 11, 2020

At DevOps World on September 24, 2020, through the sponsorship of CloudBees, three Jenkins contributors were recognized for their contributions to the Jenkins project. The Jenkins Contributor Awards honor those who have made significant contributions to the Jenkins project. The 2020 Jenkins Contributor Award winners are:

Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor

This award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the Jenkins project the most through new features, bug fixes or plugin development efforts.

  • Tim Jacomb - Tim is everywhere in the Jenkins community: plugins, Jenkins core maintenance, Google Summer of Code, infrastructure, and new initiatives like GitHub App authentication and Dark Theme. His software, frontend and infrastructure skills help to push the Jenkins project forward. Several examples of features shipped by Tim in 2020: Read-only Jenkins configuration, GitHub App Authentication support, Jenkins Dark Theme and many other smaller features here and there. Tim is also the second most active code reviewer in the Jenkins core.

Jenkins Security MVP

This award is presented to the individual who most consistently provides excellent Jenkins security reports or resolves Jenkins security issues.

  • James Holderness - Security issues reported by James have been included in nine of the nineteen security advisories published by the Jenkins project in the last 12 months. His issue reports have detected many cases where sensitive information was being stored insecurely by plugin maintainers. Jenkins users and the Jenkins security team are sincerely grateful for the issue reports that James has provided.

Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate

This award is presented to an individual who has helped advocate for Jenkins through organization of a local Jenkins Area Meetup(s), or virtual equivalent.

  • Marky Jackson - Marky has been very active in many Jenkins advocacy & Outreach initiatives. He was a leader of the Advocacy & Outreach SIG, and he participated in many promotional initiatives organized by the SIG. Marky was also a copy-editor of the Jenkins Twitter account where he contributed a lot to it. In addition to that, Marky has presented talks as well as provided technical support on Jenkins at multiple events including Jenkins Online Meetups, in person as well as virtual conferences.

Congratulations to James, Marky and Tim! We are grateful for their contributions to the betterment of the Jenkins project.

About the author

Alyssa Tong

Alyssa Tong

Member of the Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach SIG. Alyssa drives and manages Jenkins participation in community events and conferences like FOSDEM, SCaLE, cdCON, and KubeCon. She is also responsible for Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc.