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DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco: Lunch Time Demos

Alyssa Tong
Alyssa Tong
July 17, 2019
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If you’re looking for more opportunities to learn Jenkins and Jenkins X during the lunch hours while at DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco, come join us at the Jenkins and Jenkins X Community Booth!

If you don’t yet have your pass for DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco, and don’t want to miss out on the fun, you can get yours using JWFOSS for a 30% discount.

During lunch hours we are scheduling the following demo briefs at the Jenkins and Jenkins X Community Booth:

Wednesday August 14, 2019

12:10 - 12:25pm Faster Git Mark Waite

Attendees will learn the techniques they can use with Jenkins to make their systems clone and update git repositories faster and with less disc space.

12:25 - 12:40pm Observability in Jenkins X Oscar Medina

If you are using Jenkins X, you’re already building at rapid pace. However, most miss the opportunity to gain real insights into their build and release pipeline. I’ll show you how you can increase observability by activating metric capture and analysis during a containerized application deployment with Jenkins X. This entails modifying the declarative Tekton pipelines.

12:40 - 12:55pm From setup to build status on the command line Martin d’Anjou

Using bash, groovy, JCasC and the jenkins-rest, we demonstrate how to setup Jenkins from scratch, upload a configuration as code yaml file, create folders and jobs, run a build, and track it to its completion, all from the command line, without ever touching the GUI.

12:55 - 1:10pm DevOps without Quality: An IT Horror Story Laura Keaton

DevOps, the current IT Industry sweetheart, has a dark secret that has victimized organizations on their transformational journey. Investigate two case studies that left development and delivery teams in tatters and how quality engineering solutions could have prevented their disastrous outcomes.

1:10 - 1:25pm Securing Your Jenkins Container Pipeline with Open Source Tools Christian Wiens

Discuss the security pitfalls of containers and how embedding an open source image scanning and policy based compliance tool like Anchore into your CI/CD pipeline can mitigate this risk.

Thursday August 15, 2019

12:25 - 12:35pm Results from the 2019 Jenkins Google Summer of Code Martin d’Anjou

In 2019, the Jenkins project participated in the Google Summer of Code. This is an annual, international, program which encourages college-aged students to participate in open source projects during the summer break between classes. In 2019, we had dozens of applications and many student projects. In this session, we will showcase the students' projects and talk about what they bring to the Jenkins ecosystem.

12:35 - 12:45pm Plugin installation CLI Tool Natasha Stopa

This talk will demo the new plugin installation tool done as part of a Google Summer of Code project. It will show the CLI features and how the library has been incorporated into other areas of Jenkins.

12:45 - 12:55pm Sysdig Secure Jenkins Plugin Marky Jackson

Sysdig Secure is a container security platform that brings together docker image scanning and run-time protection to identify vulnerabilities, block threats, enforce compliance, and audit activity across your microservices. The Sysdig Secure Jenkins plugin can be used in a Pipeline job, or added as a build step to a Freestyle job, to automate the process of running an image analysis, evaluating custom policies against images, and performing security scans.

12:55 - 1:10pm Using React for plugin UI Jeff Pearce

The working hours plugin has a date driven UI. During this summer’s Google Summer of Code, our student rewrite the UI in React, so that we could take advantage open source modules such as calendar pickers. I’ll talk about how the student approached the UI, demonstrate the UI and talk about particular challenges we faces.

1:10 - 1:25pm Jenkins GKE Plugin Craig Barber

In this demo we will showcase the Jenkins GKE plugin, newest addition to GCP’s suite of officially supported plugins. We’ll show how to leverage this plugin to deploy applications built in Jenkins pipelines to multiple clusters running in GKE.

Grab your lunch and join us at the community theater!

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Alyssa Tong

Alyssa Tong

Member of the Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach SIG. Alyssa drives and manages Jenkins participation in community events and conferences like FOSDEM, SCaLE, cdCON, and KubeCon. She is also responsible for Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc.