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Official Jenkins image to use from Docker Hub

Baptiste Mathus
Baptiste Mathus
December 10, 2018

There are now three different Docker Hub repositories that are or have been used as the "official" Jenkins image. This article aims at providing a clarification about which one is the current official one (as of December 2018 :-)).

The official one

docker pull jenkins/jenkins

i.e. is the right repository to use.

I also documented some time ago on my blog the recommended way to run Jenkins using the official Docker image.

The deprecated ones


Deprecated since a long time already. A short version of why we stopped using and updating this image is that we never had a way to get our images published without having each time to go through a manual process.


Deprecated since a long time too, but for easing transition, we had kept updating both jenkins/jenkins (the right one) and jenkinsci/jenkins together. We stopped updating jenkinsci/jenkins in early December 2018 (cf. INFRA-1934 for details if you are interested)

Thanks for reading!

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Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste has been using and contributing to Jenkins since it was called differently, and is a huge proponent of the Agile, Devops & Continuous Delivery movements. He loves to discuss not only the technical aspects, but also the even more essential cultural aspects of this all, working together to improve the value provided to customers in a great inclusive and blameless environment.