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Jenkins Artwork at the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 Community Booth

Ksenia Nenasheva
September 17, 2018

Hi all, this is my first blogpost on My name is Kseniia Nenasheva, I work as a Graphics Designer at CloudBees. I have been using Jenkins since 2012 as a QA engineer, and I am happy to contribute to the project. I have also submitted some patches to the core and plugins, and probably you have seen some Jenkins logos created by me, and some of you may even have them on your laptops. By the way, Ron Burgundy is my favorite Jenkins logo.

This year I am going to DevOps World | Jenkins World in San Francisco. During the conference I will be working at the Jenkins community booth and creating exclusive pictures with conference visitors and one of the Jenkins heroes. So, if you come to our booth and share your Jenkins story, you can get a special picture.

If you are interested to get a logo for your Jenkins Area Meetup or an open-source project (including Jenkins plugins, of course), please also stop by at the booth and share your ideas. After the conference I will try to implement the most interesting proposals.

You can also meet me at the contributor summit on September 17.

example art

Come meet Kseniia and other Jenkins contributors at Jenkins World on September 16-19th in San Francisco and on October 22-25 in Nice. register with the code JWFOSS for a 30% discount off your pass.

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