devops world 2018

This year the Jenkins project introduced a few exciting efforts: Configuration as Code, Jenkins X, Jenkins Evergreen, Blue Ocean and Pipeline. With DevOps World-Jenkins World San Francisco and Nice only a few short months away, we’ve made sure to include plenty of sessions related to these exciting efforts on the agenda. With that said, the agenda for both cities is now live and will include workshops and deep dive sessions on these efforts and much more. Project contributors for these efforts will be present at both conferences as well, come say ‘hello’. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the agenda:


  • Building Continuous Delivery for Microservices with Jenkins X

  • Creating a Deployment Pipeline with Jenkins 2

  • Jenkins Administration Fundamentals

  • Jenkins Pipeline Fundamentals

  • And more


See the full agenda for both cities here:

You can plan on this to be highly educational, wildly engaging… overall an excellent space for collaborative conversations with project maintainers, contributors, and active community members.

See you there!

If you need more persuasion, use the code JWFOSS to get 30% discount off your pass.
About the Author
Alyssa Tong

Jenkins Event Officer. Alyssa drives and manages Jenkins participation in community events and conferences like FOSDEM, SCaLE, and KubeCon. She is also responsible for Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc.