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Jenkins User Conference China Beijing Recap

Forest Jing
July 13, 2018
This is a guest post by Forest Jing, who runs the Shanghai Jenkins Area Meetup
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On June 30, 2018 in sunny Beijing, the capital of China, we welcomed over 200 attendees to Jenkins User Conference China (JUCC). This is the first JUCC in Beijing and we are overwhelmed by the interest and love for Jenkins. The conference had sessions in DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Jenkins X, Pipeline, and Container. The GreatOps community, event host, invited John Willis, a thought leader of DevOps to deliver the keynote speech. John’s topic was "DevOps: Almost 10 years - What A Strange Long Trip It’s Been." It was very insightful to learn of the history of DevOps and John’s point of view on the practice.

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Lily Lin from Micro Focus presented, "How to practice CI/CD for large-scale micro service based on Jenkins Pipeline."

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James Rawlings, one of the core Jenkins X contributors traveled from the United Kingdom to present, "Jenkins X for the future, Easy CI/CD for Kubernetes."

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After James’ presentation, there were many questions about Jenkins X, Jenkins users in China are very interested in Jenkins X. We all posed Jenkins "X" gesture.

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We also invite Shuwei Hao from Alibaba, Michael Hüttermann who is the author of DevOps for Developers, Xiang Lu from CPI.

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Mr Huaqiang Li and Xiaojie Zhao ran a workshop for help attendees master Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins X in the cloud environment.

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Here are additional pictures from our event

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Special THANKS to BC who is the co-organizer of JUCC to host the main track and Alyssa and Maxwell for your help with our event.

Next up, Jenkins User Conference China Shenzhen in November. Let’s Jenkins X and DevOps!

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