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Jenkins Essentials flavor for AWS

Baptiste Mathus
Baptiste Mathus
July 10, 2018
Jenkins Essentials has been renamed to Jenkins Evergreen since this was written.

Jenkins Essentials

Jenkins Essentials is about providing a distribution of Jenkins in less than five minutes and five clicks. One of the main ideas to make this a reality is that Jenkins will be autoconfigured with sane defaults for the environment it is running in.

We are happy to report we recently merged the change that provides this feature for AWS. We use an AWS CloudFormation template to provision a working version of Jenkins Essentials, automatically configured to:

  • dynamically provision EC2 agents, using the EC2 plugin;

  • use the Artifact Manager on S3 plugin, so that artifacts are not stored anymore on the controller’s file system, but directly in an S3 bucket.

I recorded a short demo video last week showing the basics of this:

While there are still many items to complete to provide a usable version for end-users, we are making steady progress towards it.

You can learn more about Jenkins Essentials from the GitHub repository, or join us on our Gitter channel.

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Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste has been using and contributing to Jenkins since it was called differently, and is a huge proponent of the Agile, Devops & Continuous Delivery movements. He loves to discuss not only the technical aspects, but also the even more essential cultural aspects of this all, working together to improve the value provided to customers in a great inclusive and blameless environment.