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Plugin Development Tutorials, Videos, and More

Mark Waite
Mark Waite
August 7, 2017

This is a guest post by Mark Waite, who maintains the git plugin, the git client plugin, and is a technical evangelist for CloudBees, Inc.

While developing the "Intro to Plugin Development" workshop for Jenkins World 2017, I was impressed by the many Jenkins plugin development videos, tutorials, and guides. Here are some of my favorite plugin development topics and links.

Plugin tutorial videos

Plugin tutorial pages

  • Tutorial on

    • Install a Java Development kit, for example AdoptOpenJDK 8 or 11

    • Install the latest maven release

    • Install your IDE (I like Netbeans, has the Jenkins/Stapler plugin to make plugin creation as easy as menu:File[New Project > Maven > Jenkins Plugin])

More details

Many of the Jenkins plugin development topics have dedicated pages of their own, including user interface, plugin testing, and javadoc.

User interface

Testing a plugin

Custom build steps


Mark will be presenting Intro to Plugin Development at Jenkins World in August. Register with the code JWFOSS for a 30% discount off your pass.

About the author

Mark Waite

Mark Waite

Mark is a member of the Jenkins governing board, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, a core maintainer, and maintainer of the git plugin, the git client plugin, the platform labeler plugin, the embeddable build status plugin, and several others. He is one of the authors of the "Improve a plugin" tutorial.