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The State of Jenkins - 2016 Community Survey

Bhavani Rao
March 24, 2017

This is a guest post by Bhavani Rao, Marketing Manager at CloudBees

Last fall, prior to Jenkins World, CloudBees conducted a Community Survey. We received over 1200 responses, and thanks to this input, we have some interesting insights into how Jenkins users and their use of Jenkins are evolving.

Based on the survey’s results, Jenkins is increasingly being used to support continuous delivery (CD). Adoption of Jenkins 2, which featured "Pipeline as code" and encouraged users to adopt Jenkins Pipeline, has skyrocketed to more than half of all Jenkins installations. Other data remained consistent with findings year-to-year, for example, the number of Jenkins users continues to increase and 90% of survey respondents still consider Jenkins mission-critical.

90% consider Jenkins mission-critical

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 85% of respondants indicated that Jenkins usage had increased

  • 30% of organizations with more than 50 software projects used Jenkins in 2016 as compared to 16% in 2015

  • An impressive 46% of respondents were running Jenkins 2.x, eight months after its release.

  • Adoption of Jenkins Pipeline for continuous delivery (CD) is accelerating, 54% of respondents who have adopted CD are using Pipeline.

  • 61% of respondents are deploying changes to production at least once per week

  • Linux is the platform of choice for builds, favored by 85% of respondents

  • 85% of respondants use Git as the source code repository

  • Half of respondents are deploying applications directly to the cloud, with Amazon Web Services as the favored platform

We want to thank everyone for completing the survey, and congratulations to Iker Garcia for winning a free pass to Jenkins World 2017 and to Dave Leifer for winning the Amazon gift card.

We’re looking forward to creating a 2017 Community Survey later this year and hearing more from users at Jenkins World 2017 in San Francisco, we hope to see you there!

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