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Blue Ocean Dev Log: February Week #4

Michael Neale
Michael Neale
February 24, 2017

We’re counting down the weeks until Blue Ocean 1.0. In all the excitement I forgot to post a dev log last week, so I will make up for it this week.

In the last 10 days, 2 betas went out: b22 and b23, and a preview release of the editor. We expect the next release will be named a release candidate (we know there is still more to go in, but want to signal that things are getting into the final stages!). The link: chat room is getting busier, so join in!

Also last week, the Blue Ocean Pipeline Editor was presented at the Jenkins Online Meetup, embedded below.

Feature Highlights

  • You can now create Pipelines from GitHub in Blue Ocean. Either one Pipeline at a time, or let it discover all your Pipelines for a GitHub Organization.

Creating a Pipeline from GitHub

  • When you press the "Create" button, it will open the new creation flow by default now; the feature was previously hidden behind a feature switch.

  • You can filter the activity screen by branch! That way you can see a history of Pipeline runs for just one branch.

Filtering a branch
  • If you like long names for stages - it now won’t pollute the screen when space is at a premium (truncated names on screen).

  • Blue Ocean events (SSE) should now work on Microsoft Edge again

  • You can see durations when you hover the mouse over indicators

Up next:

  • A release candidate is expected soon

  • Integration work with the Editor to save to branches

  • Some updates to the design around tables

  • Bundling of the Editor with Blue Ocean

Don’t forget, there is also a Blue Ocean Docker image published weekly with usually the latest released version. If you have Docker installed, this can be as simple as:

docker run -p 8080:8080 jenkinsci/blueocean*

Then browse to localhost:8080/blue - possibly the quickest way to try things.


If you’re interested in helping to make Blue Ocean a great user experience for Jenkins, please join the Blue Ocean development team on link:!

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Michael Neale

Michael Neale

Michael is a CD enthusiast with a interest in User Experience. He is a co-founder of CloudBees and a long time OSS developer, and can often be found lurking around the jenkins-dev mailing list or #jenkins on irc (same nick as twitter name). Before CloudBees he worked at Red Hat.