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Blue Ocean Dev Log: February Week #2

Michael Neale
Michael Neale
February 10, 2017

We’re counting down the weeks until Blue Ocean 1.0, which is planned for the end of March. If you hadn’t picked up on the hint in my previous post, most of the Blue Ocean development team is in Australia, where it is currently the middle of summer. As I write this it is about 1000 degrees outside. Emergency measures such as air-conditioning and beer have been deployed in order to continue Blue Ocean development.

This week featured a new beta with the SCM API changes; many bug fixes, and some version bumps went out in beta 22. We also got some fresh new designs coming soon, though not in time for beta 22.


Some development highlights:

  • Beta 22 went out featuring the new SCM API with better use of GitHub API rate limits.

  • A fix for publishing of Server Side Events that made one CPU spin up to 100% was fixed (not good unless you want to heat up your room)

  • Some new refinements to the design merged to the master branch (see images below).

  • Beta 22 featured the 1.0 version of Declarative Pipeline

  • An Australian translation was added; really critical stuff, I know..

  • The Acceptance Test Harness (ATH) was stabilised a bit and it now covers creating Pipelines from Git, which we talked about in late January.

  • The Visual Pipeline Editor was released to the main Update Center as a preview release, ready to play with!

  • Some small performance improvements

I’m looking forward to those fancy new designs making their way into an upcoming release too.

Successful Pipeline

Failing Pioeline

Lovely! Hopefully you see more green than I do…​

Anyways, up next for Blue Ocean:

  • Creation of Pipelines from GitHub, including auto-discovery of new Pipelines.

  • Closer to a "release candidate"

  • Working on filtering the activity view for "per branch" views

  • Better reporting of durations of stages, steps, and runs


If you’re interested in helping to make Blue Ocean a great user experience for Jenkins, please join the Blue Ocean development team on link:!

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Michael Neale

Michael Neale

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