As we get closer to Blue Ocean 1.0, which is planned for the end of March, I figured it would be great to highlight some of the good stuff that has been going on. It’s been a busy-as-usual week as everyone comes back from vacation. A couple of new betas went out this week. Of note:

  • input to Pipelines is now supported, a much asked for feature (see below)

  • A new French translation

  • Some optimisations (especially around reducing number of HTTP calls). We have started using to measure changes on "dogfood" to get some numbers around optimisations on the web tier.

  • And a grab bag of other great bug fixes.

Using the input step in Blue Ocean

Also a bunch of work has been done to support parametrized pipelines, as well as creation of new multibranch pipelines (both are much asked for).

There is also now an "official" Docker image being published to Docker Hub. The Pipeline building the container is run weekly and will be picking up newly tagged releases of Blue Ocean.

Running the latest can be as simple as:

docker run -p 8888:8080 jenkinsci/blueocean:latest
Jenkins yarrr

This is built on the incredibly popular official "jenkins" image (10M pulls can’t all be wrong!). The container also has tags available (e.g. jenkinsci/blueocean:1.0.0-b16) for grabbing a specific released version.

Up next for Blue Ocean development as we march towards 1.0:

  • Support for parametrized jobs. For which a bunch of api work has already been done.

  • Creation of the new Pipeline GUI

  • Preview release of the Visual Editor for Declarative Pipeline.

  • The new header design will be applied


If you’re interested in helping to make Blue Ocean a great user experience for Jenkins, please join the Blue Ocean development team on Gitter!

About the Author
Michael Neale

Michael is a CD enthusiast with a interest in User Experience. He is a co-founder of CloudBees and a long time OSS developer, and can often be found lurking around the jenkins-dev mailing list or #jenkins on irc (same nick as twitter name). Before CloudBees he worked at Red Hat.