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Join me for Jenkins World 2016

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
July 26, 2016
Jenkins World 125x125

Jenkins World, September 13-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center (SCCC), takes our 6th annual community user conference to a whole new level. It will be one big party for everything Jenkins, from users to developers, from the community to vendors. There will be more of what people always loved in past user conferences, such as technical sessions from users and developers, the Ask the Experts booth and plugin development workshop, and even more has been added, such as Jenkins training pre-conference, workshops and the opportunity to get certified for free. Jenkins World is a not-to-be-missed.

For me, the best part of Jenkins World is the opportunity to meet other Jenkins users and developers face-to-face. We all interact on IRC, Google Groups or GitHub, but when you have a chance to meet in person, the person behind the GitHub ID or IRC name, whose plugin you use every day, becomes a real person. Your motivation might be a little different from mine, but we have the breath in the agenda to cover everyone from new users to senior plugin developers.

This year, you’ll have more opportunities than ever before to learn about Jenkins and continuous delivery/DevOps practices, and explore what Jenkins has to offer.

  • If you are travelling from somewhere, you might as well get a two-day Jenkins training course to be held onsite, starting Monday.

  • On Tuesday, you can attend your choice of workshops, which gives you more hands-on time to go deeper, including:

    • The DevOps Toolkit 2.0 Workshop

    • Let’s Build a Jenkins Pipeline

    • Preparing for Jenkins Certification

    • Intro to Plugin Development

    • CD and DevOps Maturity for Managers

  • On Wednesday, the formal conference kicks off. Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, you can choose from sessions spread across five tracks and covering a diverse range of topics like infrastructure as code, security, containers, pipeline automation, best practices, scaling Jenkins and new community development initiatives.

At Jenkins World, you’ll be exposed to projects going on in the community such as Blue Ocean, a new Jenkins UX project. You can learn more about Jenkins 2 - a major release for the project, and based on the huge number of downloads we saw in the weeks following its introduction at the end of April, it was a big +1. At Jenkins World, you will be immersed in Jenkins and community, and leave knowing that you are part of a meaningful open source project that, with your involvement, can do anything!

This year there will only be one Jenkins World conference, so that everyone involved in Jenkins can get together in one place at one time and actually see each other. I understand that it might be a bit more difficult for Jenkins users outside of the US to make it to Jenkins World, but hopefully we made the event worth your visit. As the final push on the back, CloudBees has created a special international program for those who are coming from outside the United States. You’ll have time to talk with all of the other Jenkins users who have made the journey from across the globe, you’ll be able to attend exclusive networking events and more.

I hope to see you September 13th through 15th in Santa Clara at Jenkins World in Santa Clara!

Register for Jenkins World in September with the code JWFOSS for a 20% discount off your pass.

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Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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