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Hudson 1.353 Released

R. Tyler Croy
R. Tyler Croy
March 31, 2010

hudson soap This week’s release comes slightly later than usual and is mostly a clean-up of a few bugs. Due to a problem with the Kohsuke’s GitHub mirror of Hudson’s core, I can’t mine the commits for interesting information as per usual so you’ll just have to trust that Hudson 1.353 is chock full of good, wholesome bug fixes. If the problem persists next week, I’ll find a better way to dig up information on particularly releases that doesn’t depend on the GitHub mirror.

Bugs fixed

  • Tagging a repository can result in NPE.

  • Fix possible form submission error when using multiple combobox elements. (issue 6025)

  • Better escaping of test case names in test results pages. (issue 5982)

  • Make radio buttons work in repeatable content, such as a build step. (issue 5028)

  • Fixed the handling of verifying that the POM path entered for Maven projects exists. (issue 4693)


  • Added link to builds in buildTimeTrend (issue 3993)

You can go grab the latest .war file straight from or if you’re using a native package, use your package manager to upgrade.

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R. Tyler Croy

R. Tyler Croy

R. Tyler Croy has been part of the Jenkins project for the past seven years. While avoiding contributing any Java code, Tyler is involved in many of the other aspects of the project which keep it running, such as this website, infrastructure, governance, etc.