Last week's TWIP enumerated the release of 26 different plugin, this past week has seen 19 unique releases in comparison. You might be tempted to assume that less plugin development has occurred over the past week, which isn't the case. Last week a number of the releases were "code updates", i.e. plugins being rebuilt against the latest Hudson plugin API as opposed to new features or bug-fixes. With the releases of plugins this past week, it seems a large number of the releases contained new features and bug fixes, including three new plugins!

Making their Hudson debut are the following

If you're interested in contributing to an existing plugin, or building your own, I highly recommend checking out the plugin tutorial and joining the dev@ mailing list. That said, here are this week's releases, starting with last Friday.

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R. Tyler Croy has been part of the Jenkins project for the past seven years. While avoiding contributing any Java code, Tyler is involved in many of the other aspects of the project which keep it running, such as this website, infrastructure, governance, etc.