GSoC 2022 Project Ideas

This page aggregates project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2022. See more information about this project and applications on the Jenkins Google Summer of Code page .

Below you can find project ideas which have been proposed for this year. New ideas may be proposed by interested mentors or GSoC contributors (e.g. new features in the core, "write a plugin for MY_TOOL_OR_SERVICE", etc.). Project ideas without potential mentors will be considered though applicants may need to work with the community and GSoC org admins to find mentors. To add a new project idea, see: proposing project ideas .

Accepted ideas

Below you can see the list of project ideas that fully match the Jenkins' project idea standard. The scope of these ideas is well known and we don't normally expect deep changes. All ideas have quick start guidelines and newbie-friendly issues referenced. We welcome contributors to join the mentor teams, and we invite GSoC contributors to submit project proposal applications in relation to these ideas.

Project Category Skills to study/improve
Automatic git cache maintenance on the controller
Automate the maintenance of cached git repositories on the Jenkins controller.
Potential Mentor(s): Mark Waite Rishabh Budhouliya Kris Stern
Tools Java
Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins REST API
Find and implement the extraction of the REST APIs from the sources and generate and publish the REST APIs respective documentation.
Potential Mentor(s): Kristin Whetstone Abhyudaya Sharma
Plugins Java, REST API, OpenAPI / Swagger
Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions
Implement a (near) feature-complete version of Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions.
Potential Mentor(s): Kris Stern Shubham Kumar Oleg Nenashev
Tools Java, Jenkinsfile Runner, Docker, GitHub Actions
Pipeline Step Documentation Generator improvements
Enhance the Jenkins Pipeline documentation generator to produce better documentation for thousands of Pipeline developers.
Potential Mentor(s): Kristin Whetstone Harshit Chopra Mark Waite Tasneem Koushar
Dev Tools Java, Jenkins Pipeline, HTML, CSS, Asciidoc, JavaScript
Plugin Health Scoring system - how should it work
Provide a 'plugin health indicator' for plugin maintainers and Jenkins administrators.
Potential Mentor(s): Adrien Lecharpentier Mark Waite Jake Leon
Tools Java, Data Analysis, Data Presentation
Plugin Installation Manager Tool Improvements
Introduce new features and improvements in the plugin installation manager.
Potential Mentor(s): Mark Waite Abhyudaya Sharma
Tools Java, YAML, Command line tools, Package management tool theory

Draft project ideas

Below you can see draft project ideas, which are currently under review. The scope of such ideas may change during the discussions, but the idea is accepted in principle. You are welcome to comment on the draft and to join the project as a mentor. If you are a GSoC contributor, it is also fine to explore and to apply to the draft project ideas.

Project Category Skills to study/improve
Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) drift detector
Report differences between a Jenkins active configuration and a given JCasC definition.
Potential Mentor(s): Jean-Marc Meessen
Tools Java
Automating plugin build metadata updates
Apply generic transformations across the Jenkins ecosystem.
Potential Mentor(s): Basil Crow
Tools Java
Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs
To automate screenshot capture process for Jenkins docs.
Potential Mentor(s): Mark Waite
Dev Tools Web Browser Automation, Image Comparison

Ongoing discussion

These are proposals in the mailing lists which have not been published as project ideas yet. The feasibility is yet to be defined, and the idea may be dismissed depending on the feedback. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion and to join as a potential mentor.

Project Category