About Blue Ocean

Elevator Pitch

"" Blue Ocean is a new user experience for Jenkins based on a personalizable, modern design that allows users to graphically create, visualize and diagnose Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipelines ""


Pipeline Editor

"" Developers of any skill level can create Continuous Delivery pipelines from start to finish using the intuitive and visual pipeline editor. "" Editor Editor with open step

Pipeline visualization

"" Enables developers to visually represent pipelines in a way even their boss’s boss can understand, improving clarity into the CD process for the whole organization "" Pipeline visualization

Pipeline diagnosis

"" Developers locate automation problems instantly without endlessly scanning through logs or navigating through many screens. "" Pipeline diagnosis

Personalized dashboard

"" Developers can make Jenkins their own by customizing their dashboard so that they only see the Pipelines that matter to them. "" Personalized dashboard

Github integration

"" Pipelines are run for all feature branches and pull requests, with their status reported back to Github, so the whole team knows if your changes need work or are good to go. "" Github integration


Also available for download in full high definition.