Extension Points defined in Pipeline: Step API Plugin


Allows StepContext#get to provide a dynamically computed value.

This is registered as an extension, so it may be injected into any build. If you would like to restrict action to a particular step block, use BodyInvoker#withContext to insert some serializable struct that the dynamic context implementation will look for.</p>



One thing that can be done, perhaps asynchronously. A Step is merely the definition of how this task is configured; StepExecution represents any state associated with one actual run of it.

Extends from Describable to support UI-based instantiation. Your step should have a {@code config.jelly} allowing a user to configure its properties, and may have a {@code help.html} and/or {@code help-fieldName.html}, plus {@code doEtc} methods on the StepDescriptor for form validation, completion, and so on. It should have a DataBoundConstructor specifying mandatory properties. It may also use DataBoundSetter for optional properties. All properties also need public getters (or to be public fields) for data binding to work.</p>



Contributes environment variables to workflow steps.



Enumerates active running StepExecution s in the system.